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Our Services - Energy Saving

We are all conscious of the need to reduce our carbon footprints and here at ADL Electrical Contractors we use the latest technologies to offer the best solutions to save both money and energy.

Free Energy Survey

We can provide you with a free energy survey of your premises, and an estimate of the cost savings you could make by installing efficient light fittings and sensors to control them.

The survey provides details of your current power consumption compared to using high frequency light fittings with sensor control. It will also provide an illustration of the total cost outlay and the time taken to pay for this in reduced energy costs. The solutions usually pay for themselves in less than 24 months and you may be eligible for a Carbon Trust Loan to cover the cost. Visit Carbon Trust loans for details.

We also offer a free survey if you have any motor/fan installations within your site. This information will provide you with a detailed report which will show your capital investment and return of any proposed project. you will be provided with a detailed analysys of the proposed system and be advised of any Tax incentives that may be applicable to your business

Please contact us for a free survey and estimate.